Backlogging: The Curse of the Adult Gamer


Ever spend 100’s of dollars on games you never play? Me too…

I’m 32 years old. I have a full-time job, a cat, goals and an aspiring social life. I’m also a gamer, obviously. But I’m not the kind of gamer who finds a Destiny or Call of Duty and plays the jazz out of those games for months on end. No, I require the newest and best games because I want to be a part of the conversation when the game comes out. I’m none-too-big a fan of spoilers either, so the impetus to play through a game the day its released comes with a certain kind of anxiety. Remember that scene in Back to the Future where Marty explains to Marvin why the band has to play at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance?

If you can’t watch the clip, Marty gets his undies in a wad and whines, “Look, Marvin, you gotta play. See, that’s where they kiss for the first time on the dance floor. And if there’s no music, they can’t dance. If they can’t dance, they can’t kiss. If they can’t kiss they can’t fall in love, and I’m history.” — that’s the kind of unfettered anxiety that comes with new game releases. And it’s a totally bullshit way to think. So what am I doing? I’m turning it into a feature! My goal is to clean out my backlog and write about my adventures (a futile effort in the fall/winter months when we’re bombarded by new games every week.). A couple weeks ago I touched on this for an article I wrote on The Bloq called “How Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Changed the Way I Play the Game of Life.” I listed just a few of the games I have yet to complete, some of them came out over two years ago.

Rather than just say “nah, I never completed the main storyline in The Witcher 3” I’m determined to push myself to get my goddamn money’s worth out of my hobby! Which can only spell success for me and this blog because if there’s one thing the internet loves it’s shit that isn’t hot and trending anymore. Well, tough cookies, kiddos — you can’t stop me from cleaning out my backlog and updating it through this column!

But I need some help — where do I begin? Here’s a look at the folder I created on my PS4 and shots of the physical disc games I have yet to finish. Thoughts?

Backlogging page 1 of 3
Wolfenstein, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Banner Saga, Soma, Metro Last Light, Metro 2033 Redux, Metal Gear Solid 5


Backlogging 2 of 3
Hitman, Gone Home, Game of Thrones (Telltale), Dragon Age Inquisition, Darkstalkers 2, Dark Souls 2
The Witcher 3 and Diablo 3
The Witcher 3 and Diablo 3

There are 15 games listed here, and about 150 hours of gaming to go until this resembles anything close to being complete. I also have new games like XCom 2 (PS4) and Mafia 3 to finish, so I’m thinking I start out small with a Vanishing of Ethan Carter or a Soma — something under 10 hours, just to get momentum going. The sooner I dive in, the sooner I can write my next backlogging article. Oh shit…I just realized that this is only my PS4 backlog…I have about 10 more on Xbox One…Shit. Well, that’ll make a great next article I suppose.

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