Liberal Ragtime: My shitty politics podcast

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Liberal Ragtime Episode 1

In this first (any maybe last) episode, I hastily chopped together my random ramblings inspired by Overlord Trump’s completely-not-a-cover-up firing of James Comey. I also discuss healthcare, why the divide is bullshit and needs to stop and how we all need to humble these bastards in charge.

Liberal Ragtime is a pop culture politics podcast by relative nobody and libtard snowflake Levi Harris. He’s worked on some unknown TV projects, middled and didn’t really apply himself as a standup comic, is really shitty in relationships and sells his soul to market products people don’t need. He’s been feeding the machine for about five years because it sure beats being homeless (which he was once before). He also wrote this about himself in the third person, which is weird and gross — but as you know, he’s not above whoring himself out.

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