I Cannot Wait to Play…(squints at paper) TETRIS?!

E3 has basically come and gone, and it was a disappointment to some, a success to others, but one thing is clear — the world will apparently end in March 2019 because something like 900 games are coming out in February of 2019. Among those behemoths dropping on the same month are Anthem, Metro: Exodus and Crackdown 3. Just before that January drops us with Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2 Remake and I think even The Division 2 shortly after February.

The elephant in the room and the absence felt at E3 was Red Dead Redemption 2, but Rockstar knows that game will sell a literal blajillion copies, so no need to show it off.

Even with all of these phenomenally large, expensive, expansive games releases pending, the one that I can’t stop thinking about playing is a gosh dang Tetris game!

I’ve probably played more Tetris than any other video game. If you count all platforms, plane rides, phones, calculators, flash games and even loading a u-haul, I’ve surpassed crusty-sleeve-with-too-many-noses-wiped-on-it-Tony-Robbins’ 10,000 hours to expertise bullshit, easily. But dat trailer, tho!

Visual and musical gaming virtuoso Tetsuya Mizuguchi, reported on the Giant Bombcast that he’s been dreaming of making a Tetris game since 2004. Instead we got Lumines — great game, but not Tetris. With the already excellent remake of Rez: Infinite on PSVR and the especially impressive Level X, Tetris Effect in VR should have everything it needs to blow your skull bones away.

Simple, time-tested gameplay coupled with intense visuals, kick ass music and total blackout immersion with one of the most unique and visionary games creators alive today — no matter of green to purple gear and yellow numbers on screen can make me less excited for Sony to announce a release date for Tetris Effect.

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